What is Bankor?

Bankor provides the best experience to make some easy money, our professional staff includes computer experts, skimming hardware installers and forwarding teams. We sell cloned and prepaid credit cards and transfer money via PayPal or Western Union. With us, you will receive the best and fastest service across the DarkNet.

What are the payment methods you accept?

Payment is made by Bitcoin because of its complete anonymity. In this way you and we protected

How do I make an order?

Go to the Products & Prices page choose the product you are interested in and press on the "Order Now" button.

Where can I purchase Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is purchased through Clearnet through one of the following sites: localbitcoins.com, coinbase.com or cex.io

Is it safe to get the cards to my personal address?

Yes, the cards are sent in greeting cards and can not be identified. In addition, today, the receipt of a credit card by mail is completely normal and does not raise any concern with the legal authorities.

Is the money transfer service through PayPal or Western Union safe?

Of course, money sent from clean and verified accounts with no trace of the source of money

Do you cash out the credit cards for yourself?

Of course, we take the cards with high amounts to ourselves and the rest we sell to prevent the possibility that the legal authorities will succeed in getting on us.

Is there a warranty for cards?

Yes, if the card you received does not work for any reason even though we check each card before it is sent we will refund you or send a new card according to your choice

What are the daily withdrawal limits from the cards?

Cloned cards: 500-600 $ per day | Prepaid cards: 1500 $ per day

Can I shop online with the cards?

Using prepaid cards you can do whatever you want. Using clone credit cards the priority is to withdraw money from the ATM and then purchase what you are interested in

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